Bayonet 3

Developed to meet the stringent needs of elite time trial specialists, as well as Ironman triathletes including 2008 Ironman 70.3 World Champion Terenzo Bozzone, the all-new Bayonet 3 fork picks up where the Bayonet 2 left off.
 Like its predecessor, the Bayonet 3 is all about aerodynamics and handling precision. By using an even narrower steerer tube, which is
now housed inside a bearing with an inner diameter of just 19mm, Felt engineers were able to reduce drag even further over the Bayonet
2. And because of its innovative design—which pairs the external steerer tube with the teardrop-shaped headtube—the Bayonet 3 offers
not only superior aerodynamics but, without compromising stiffness or handling, is appoximately 18% lighter than the Bayonet 2.
  Other updates to the Bayonet 3 include reshaped fork blades, which feature a more gradual taper for signifcantly improved
aerodynamic performance. And compared to the Bayonet 2, the Bayonet 3 has a lower stack height, which allows riders to achieve a
more aero position—something our ProTour athletes required for maximum effciency.

  Designed to optimize the performance of the all-new DA time trial/triathlon frame, the Bayonet 3 was developed through a combination
of advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics computerized modeling and actual wind tunnel development. While many manufacturers
employ after-the-fact wind tunnel testing, Felt takes it a step further by utilizing wind-tunnel analysis to develop the product.

  The Bayonet 3 features a clever adjustable stem system that’s capable of stem lengths from 90mm all the way to 145mm and everything in between. And each is adjustable in angle from -20 degrees (from horizontal) to 105 degrees.

  Installation of the Bayonet 3 Steering System is no more complicated than a regular fork. A simple video tutorial on can walk mechanics through the process.  More aerodynamic. Stiffer. Sleeker. More adjustable. One ride with the all-new Bayonet 3 is all you’ll need to convince yourself that no other fork on the market comes close.

Bayonet 3 - THE SUMMARY

  • Bayonet 3 is the best of all worlds: more aerodynamic than a standard 1-1/8” steerer, stiffer than a tapered steerer, and faster than anything else in the world.
  • By moving the narrow steerer tube outside of the head tube, Felt engineers created a system that’s faster and more aerodynamic yet also stiffer. The narrow leading edge of the Bayonet 3 fork combined with the shielded head tube creates a slippery airfoil that decreases overall bike drag. And the system’s increased stiffness, more than 60% stiffer than a fork with a standard 1” steerer tube, dramatically improves overall handling.
  • With redesigned, tapered fork legs and a lower stack height for the stem, the Bayonet 3 is proven in wind tunnel tests to reduce a bike’s wind drag more than 10% compared to standard fork-and-stem combinations.