Dirt, pavement, mud or snow—you never know what you might encounter in cyclocross racing, and that’s what makes it so fun. And challenging. And absolutely intense.


The unpredictable and constantly changing terrain in cyclocross puts a rider’s skills to the test, and it’s also the ultimate proving grounds for a bike. The sport requires a lightweight, high-performance bike that can stand up to the elements and excel in a wide variety of punishing terrain. 

Felt’s FX Series bikes blend all the features of a serious cyclocross race bike with real-world versatility so that it’s perfectly capable of doing a race one weekend and an epic dirt-road ride the next. FX is game for any adventure where you might encounter pavement, dirt and who knows what else. 

The Felt-sponsored pros that depend on FX bikes demand a few things: The bikes have to handle confidently in dirt, sand, mud or snow. They have to be lightweight to zip up climbs, toss over a shoulder and carry through barrier sections. They have to always shift like new, stop instantly and accelerate like a rocket out of corners. Failure to do any one of these things is a compromise our racers can’t accept. 

The heart of Felt cyclocross bikes is the proprietary 7005 Superlite aluminum frame tubing. This lightweight, stiff material is engineered to create a ride quality that’s simply unsurpassed. 

The FX frame is designed with maximum clearance so mud stays on the course, not on your bike. It allows for large tires that increase stability and traction. The down tube, chainstays and seatstays are reduced in diameter, and the seat tube is butted to improve compliance through bumpy terrain. The top tube is flattened on the underside so it’s a little friendlier on the shoulder. 

The frame also features downtube-threaded cable stops for easy shifting adjustments, one-piece dropouts for stiffness and reliability, and water bottle, rack and fender mounts for those longer, non-racing adventures.

Whether you’re shooting for a national championship or just dabbling in ’cross to improve your fitness—or even if you just need a fast, quick-handling and dependable bike for rides that might lead you off the pavement—there is an FX just for you.